STRANGE Things Found INSIDE Animals!

STRANGE Things Found INSIDE Animals!

Check out these strange things found inside animals! From steak knifes to a pair of sweatpants, you won’t believe this top 10 list of most incredible and bizarre things found in animals!

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18. Full Suit of Armor
One of the earliest scientists to try to study and understand sharks, French naturalist Guillaume Rondelet is credited with writing the first complete “book of fishes” in 1554.
In his studies, Rondelet describes a giant shark capable of swallowing whole men, possibly referring to a great white. He described one victim discovered in the belly of the shark as a man wearing a full suit of armor.
Shark attacks on humans have happened for centuries, ever since people decided it would be a good idea to sail an enormous body of water in small boat. Greek historian Herodotus may have been the first to report shark attacks in 450 B.C. He described a Greek battle in which crews of sinking Persian ships were eaten by sharks.
17. Hacky Sack
In case you do not know, a hacky sack is a small bag full of pellets. One day, a woman came home from work. She found her 15-month-old Golden Retriever puppy, named D’Jango, playing with a Hacky Sack. At first, this wasn’t a big deal, until her son said another Hacky Sack was missing. Fearing the worst, they rushed the pup to the vet.
Radiographs presented a lovely picture of the intact Hacky Sack inside the puppy’s stomach. Instead of surgery, the vet opted to retrieve the little bag by administering medicine to make D’Jango vomit until it came up. Poor pup!
16. Greenhouse Sheeting
Enormous greenhouses all over the world grow the tomatoes that stock the produce aisles the world over. However, they are also responsible for the staggering amount of plastic sheeting increasingly found mangled inside the stomachs of beached whales. These plastic sheets are used to trap the heat of the sun and help nourish vegetables. But when they aren’t thrown away properly, they almost always end up in the waters surrounding Europe, and eventually swallowed by whales. A sperm whale that washed up on Spain’s southern coast was found to have swallowed 59 different plastic items totaling over 37 pounds. Most of it was transparent greenhouse sheeting.
15. Electric Blanket
Burmese pythons are the largest snakes in the world. They often kill alligators, deer, and other snakes. People also like to keep them as pets, but if anyone cares for my opinion, I wouldn’t personally recommend it! Anyway, one owner liked to keep his pet warm with an electric blanket. That’s sweet! However, one day the 12-foot-long snake swallowed the entire blanket when it got tangled with the rabbit it was trying to enjoy for dinner. Was the owner afraid the snake might get chilly while he ate??The owner rushed the snake to the vet, who removed the electric blanket and luckily, the snake recovered just fine.
14. Fishing Hook
This one is a little cringe-worthy, especially if you fish and know the damage a fishing hook can cause.
Elvis, a 7-week-old puppy, went with his owners on a fishing trip. When fishing, an angler can use all sorts of bait and one of Elvis’ humans decided to use chicken liver as bait. It was too tempting for Elvis and he gobbled up the whole thing. Unfortunately, he swallowed the hook as well.
His owners rushed Elvis to the vet, where they performed emergency surgery. The hook had perforated the stomach, but Elvis made a full recovery.
13. A Doe
In 2014, the Stokes family from Alabama caught the biggest alligator ever recorded in the state. It was 15 feet long and weighed more than 1000 pounds. In fact, it weighed so much that the first attempt to weigh it broke the equipment. The second attempt involved a backhoe.
The animal was sent to be stuffed to a taxidermist and when he opened it up, he discovered the remains of a partially digested but intact three-year-old doe. Just so you know, the average weight of a doe according to Alabama records is 100 pounds. SO, just the sheer size of this meal is pretty shocking!
12. Rubber Duckies
If you own dogs, you know they are prepared to eat almost anything, except for this? One day, a woman in Florida noticed that her rubber duckies were disappearing. She must have had a large collection and wasn’t really sure. Then, one day, while giving her baby a bath, she caught her dog eating a rubber ducky. Understandably concerned, she rushed her dog to the vet. The vet discovered five rubber duckies inside the dog. Oh, and one toy truck.
11. Golf ball and Sweatpants
When a dead gray whale was found dead on the beach in Puget Sound, scientists performed an autopsy to try to determine how it died.

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