REAL Evidence That Aliens EXIST!

REAL Evidence That Aliens EXIST!

Check out this real evidence that aliens exist! From mysterious planets to alien ufos, here is a top 10 list of facts that proof that aliens are real!

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8. Tabby’s Star
Tabby’s Star, also known as KIC 8462852, (you guys know how much I love these names by now!) is about 1,280 light years away from earth, and has had astronomers scratching their heads ever since a number of observations were made back in 2015. The mystery of this star first came to light when looking at measurements that had been taken by the Keplar space telescope. The Keplar looks at how the light emitted from stars fluctuates in an effort to discover planets that orbit them. In this case, there was no dimming which is expected if a planet is orbiting it. Instead astronomers witnessed sudden changes- at some points dimming up to 22%. Further research of old measurements showed that a similar thing happened between 1890 and 1989, and more recently in early 2017.
There are a number of theories that have been suggested to explain this effect, like for example it is orbited by an asteroid belt and debris. Bla bla!
The most exciting theory, mentioned by many ancient alien believers, is the idea that Tabby’s Star is surrounded by an alien mega structure. Known as a Dyson sphere after the physicist who first came up with the idea, it is thought that an advanced alien species would be able to harness the energy of a star by surrounding it with panels that could absorb the light and heat. If it were possible to do, it would provide more than enough power to sustain an interstellar civilization. During its construction, it would be expected to cause similar light distortions as are currently being observed around Tabby’s star.
7. The WOW signal
Ever since radio telescopes were pointed outwards towards the universe, humans have kept an ear out just in case they receive signals from an alien broadcast. The search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Program dedicates vast resources in this pursuit, but one of the most intriguing signals that has ever been picked up was heard in 1977.
It happened at Ohio University’s big ear telescope, where they received a narrow band radio signal that appeared to originate from the Sagittarius constellation. The signal that was received seemed to align with what had been expected from an alien transmission, and when Jerry R. Ehman, the resident astronomer, discovered it in the data a few days later, he circled it and wrote “Wow” next to it in big red letters, giving the signal its name! Way more unique than KIC 8462852.
In the following 40 years, people have struggled to explain the cause of this signal, and many have remained convinced that it represents the first piece of tangible evidence of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. The problem is that no one has been able to pick up the same signal since then, despite listening for it constantly. Earlier this year the mystery seems to have been solved, and unfortunately for alien hunters it seems as if the cause of it was far more local. It’s now thought that the signal originated from a comet that was passing the earth at the time and surrounded by vast clouds of Hydrogen. Hydrogen in this form is known to naturally emit in the same frequency range as the Wow signal, so it could have been the source. But for those of you that are still hopeful, no one is 100% sure and people are still listening for signals from alien life forms. After all, it’s pretty scary to think we are the only ones out there….or is it?
6. The Battle of Los Angeles
While most theories of the existence of aliens involve the occasional UFO hovering above small towns before flying off again, there’s one unexplained event that happened in Los Angeles in 1942. Some suggest this was an attempt by an alien force to launch a full assault on the city.
It happened just a couple of months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, when the nation was in a state of shock and preparing to commit troops to the escalating effort. Late on the evening of February 24th, air raid sirens went off around Los Angeles County, and a total blackout was ordered. Everyone thought the Japanese were attacking. Air raid wardens were called to their stations, and at just after 3am, the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade unleashed their full force, firing .50 caliber and anti aircraft shells into the air. In total more than 1,400 shells were fired. Finally just after 7am, everything stopped. 5 civilians because of the anti aircraft fire, but when the dust had settled and the morning light lit the sky, there was no sign of Japanese planes at all.

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