Most MYSTERIOUS Monuments In The World!

Most MYSTERIOUS Monuments In The World!

Check out the most mysterious monuments in the world! This top 10 list of most bizarre and unexplained monuments has some of the greatest unsolved mysteries on earth!

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9: Teotihuacan
Famously visited by thousands each year, Teotihuacan is the ancient city home to the world famous Pyramid of the Sun. This massive complex in the north of Mexico City is filled with monuments representing a pre-Columbian civilization and has been studied by anthropologists and historians alike. Hand-built, Teotihuacan would have represented one of the most amazing architectural creations of its time. Most people credit the city as being built by the Aztecs but it is far more ancient than that. The mysterious part is that nobody knows who built it. Though the Aztec’s gave the city it’s name, they discovered it themselves somehow. Some think it was the Maya, while others think it was the Mixtec people or even the Zapotec. Regardless of the original creators, overtime the city would have become a blend as immigration mixed the inhabitants of the once thriving city. A hub of human and animal, Teotihuacan was likely a somewhat place, even before its eventual collapse. For some reason, natural disaster or disease, the city would be abandoned…Only for the streets to be filled again as scientists and tourists gather to try and figure out what happened there.
8: Yonaguni Monument
While looking for great diving spots for tourists in the shark-filled waters of Japan, they found an ancient underwater monument that still puzzles archaeologists to this day. Called Japan’s Atlantis by some, it is rumoured to be what is left of the fabled civilization of Mu, which is said to have disappeared into the sea. The large debate behind scientists is whether the underwater pyramid-like formations are natural or man-made. Many claim that the designs are too intricate for mother nature and it appears to have images carved into stone steps buried beneath the waves. Divers have found what looks like several temples, a stadium and even what looks like the remains of a castle, all connected by undersea roads and water channels. Some believe that man-made artifacts have simply been added to a natural site at some point in history. Whether the Yonaguni Monument truly is a sunken Atlantis or not, is still a mystery, but the government of Japan has shown interest in verifying the site. So we may have our answer soon.
7: Nazca Lines
In the south of Peru, there are amazing works of art that can only be appreciated from high above the skies. These huge pictures of animals, plants and people are etched into the Earth itself, preserved by the desert. Now known as the Nazca Lines, some of the diagrams are thousands of feet long and there are hundreds of different designs. From ground level, it hard to appreciate the intense scope of the art, where thousands of years ago tribes cleared stones out of the way in order to make the almost perfectly straight lines. It is unknown, how exactly the lines were constructed so well, with many theories such as primitive air balloons being considered. The larger mystery is why were the Nazca Lines made, and what purpose do they serve? Are they some sort of astrological guide, representing constellations of stars? Some anthropologists think they are giant tributes meant to be visible to gods in the sky. Or they were landing strips for ancient aliens and their spacecraft! The most disturbing theory is that it was once the site of human sacrifice! This became one of the main theories when the remains of several headless bodies were found near the site. Art depicting a head, and a tree found near the bodies seems to show that it was some kind of ancient fertility ceremony. This wouldn’t be too surprising, knowing that the ancient Nazca people were known for collecting heads. Whatever the true reason, the mysterious lines still remain there to this day, to be seen by people soaring above.
6: Stone Spheres of Costa Rica
Costa Rica is known for eco-tourism and surfing, but it also is home to one of archeology’s unsolved mysteries. Here the famous Stone Spheres can be found, nearly perfect spheres created hundreds of years ago by indigenous civilizations. Over 300 of them have been found so far, and they range from just a few centimeters to more than two meters. In fact, the largest of the stones weighs over 16 tons! The real mystery is how they were made into such smooth and almost perfect spheres, especially in a time of much more basic technology. It’s hard to imagine an old tribesman slowly chipping away at massive boulders to make them as smooth as they are.

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