Most FAMOUS Predictions By Nostradamus That Came TRUE!

Most FAMOUS Predictions By Nostradamus That Came TRUE!

Check out the most famous predictions by nostradamus that came true! From donald trump to the illuminati, this top 10 list of future predictions for 2017 will shock you!

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11. Henry II
Nostradamus was born in 1503 in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France. His original name was Michel de Nostradame, which he later changed to Nostradamus after becoming a physician. It’s believed he received his interest in astrology from his grandfather, who had converted to Catholicism from Judaism. In 1550, he published an almanac of astrological information and predictions for the coming year. His almanac was praised across France. He continued to write almanacs, incorporating more of his visions in them. In 1555, he published a book of quatrains in a volume titled The Prophecies.
In a dramatic quatrain, Nostradamus describes a young lion defeating an older one. The older lion will pass after a single battle. Nostradamus published this quatrain in 1555.
In the summer of 1559, King Henry II of France faced the Comte de Montgomery in a jousting match. Both of the men carried shields depicting lions. The Comte was six years younger than the King. They made several passes and, in the final pass, the Comte’s lance shattered. Two of the shards entered Henry’s helmet, one piercing Henry’s eye and lodging in his head. An infection from the eye spread into his brain. After ten days of agony, Henry II passed.
This sounds like chilling proof of Nostradamus’ predictions, but there are a few problems. In 1558, the French Seer wrote Henry a letter. In it, Nostradamus promises the French monarch that he would live a long life. Also, a jousting match hardly a field of battle and Henry was not wearing a gold helmet as described in the quatrain. Furthermore, the prophecy refers to “eyes”, plural. Only one of Henry’s eyes was damaged. Close enough for me!
Nostradamus claimed to base his predictions on “judicial astrology”. Judicial astrology is a method of predicting future events by calculating the relationship between earth and planets. However, he also borrowed from older sources, especially Plutarch, because Nostradamus also believed history repeated itself. However, many scholars believe his quatrains aren’t a product of measurements and meditation but of paraphrasing other end-of-the-world prophecies, mainly from the Bible.
10. The Great London Fire
Another quatrain of Nostradamus supposedly predicts the Great London Fire in 1666. In it, Nostradamus says blood will be demanded of London, which will burn by fire in the year ’66. He also describes the fall of an ancient lady and the of those from “the same sect”.
Out of the other prophecies of Nostradamus, this one seems the most clear. It even mentions the last two digits of the year and London and a fire are mentioned specifically.
The Great Fire of London started in a baker’s shop on Pudding Lane. It quickly spread from there and by the time it was over, four-fifths of London was in ruins. Though it’s now viewed as an accident, people at the time first blamed foreigners and then Catholics for the disaster.
While the quatrain is compelling, one skeptic points out that line two is missing a syllable and may be corrupt. At the time the quatrain was printed, printing presses with movable type were used. Printers sometimes set the moveable type as someone read the text aloud, which would have allowed for mistakes.
Finally, the ancient Lady falling is supposed to be a statue of the Virgin Mary falling from the steeple of St. Paul’s. However, there’s no evidence that any such statue existed.
During his lifetime, many accused Nostradamus of being a servant of the Devil while others dismissed him as a charlatan. However, Europe’s elite began summoning him to tell their fortune. Catherine de Medici, whose husband would die in a jousting accident, summoned the French seer to Paris to write horoscopes for her children.
9. The French Revolution
This prediction by Nostradamus sounds self-explanatory as well. In it, an enslaved populace rises up while princes and lords are imprisoned. Those same lords will soon be “headless idiots”. Many people point to this quatrain as predicting the French Revolution, which began in 1789.
During the Revolution, the French monarchy was overthrown and a republic put in its place. On its heels, though, came the Reign of Terror, leading to the of thousands.
Believers say the “enslaved populace” points to the peasants who were starving in the streets. Princes and lords were held in prisons before being.
Nostradamus also said that a great wall will fall before begins. A King will be and a place near the River Seine “will be bloodied”.

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